The August, 1910 Golfers Magazine noted that “Otto G. Hackbarth, professional at the Westwood Country Club, St. Louis, has invented a new putter of peculiar design with which he has been doing remarkably accurate work on the greens. It is modeled after the center shafted idea and he claims this prevents the club from turning when the ball is struck, […]

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The GHS loves golf collecting and exploring the game’s history, players, courses, championships and equipment. Check out the categories below and have fun exploring this website. Feel free to contact us with any questions, and, hey, a membership is only $75 a year ($45 if you prefer a digital membership only.) GHS Interest Groups Golf Collecting – An introduction ArtBallsBooksClassic […]

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Here GHS members will find updates about their Society, from the latest trends and Board activities to news of the member activities. Should you have news for the page, please contact Jim Davis at Share your GHS stories and ideas When GHS member James Kaiser of Louisville, Ky., finds time from his job for a local winery, or helping […]

Collecting Hickory Golf Clubs

This article focuses on the category of wood-shafted, or hickory golf clubs. Millions of clubs with wood shafts were made before 1935. In today’s rapidly growing sports collectibles market, no wood-shafted club is worthless, but only a small percentage of old clubs do have significant value. The category of steel-shafted, or “classic clubs” is covered elsewhere. The information presented here […]

Collecting Tournament Memorabilia

There are two reasons to collect memorabilia from a tournament – either you attended a specific event or you are focusing on a tournament. Attending a tournament provides many possibilities for a dedicated collector. There is the practical approach of the visit itself which could include purchase of a hat (possibly a Sharpie if you intend to collect autographs), a […]