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statue of johnny laidlay
March 6, 2023

This painted bronze staute, c. 1890, of John E. Laidlay is one of only two examples known to exist. This one sold at auction for $30,000. Well, there are only two of them. Laidlay was a famous British amateur who won the British Amateur in 1889 and 1891, and was runner-up in 1888, 1890, and 1893. It was Laidlay who […]

tee mold with wings
October 23, 2022

Tee molds are not new, but at least one inventor thought he, or she, would add a couple of wings for helpful fingers to provide some upward pressure whilst the thumb provided the downward force to place the sand. Apparently, this is not a common mold, at least in the experience of Canadian collector David Burgess who wrote (from a […]

golf ball boxes
March 8, 2022

Most early balls, featheries and gutties, came just as you found them, unwrapped and either individually purchased or perhaps by twos and threes from the maker. When golf began to really boom in the late 1800s, golf ball makers ramped up their efforts and began to wrap balls in either paper or colored cellophane. Cigar-box-sized boxes soon came along to […]

pau gc blazer badge
December 7, 2021

Blazer badges are a favorite for some collectors who enjoy the colorful designs enhanced by metallic, “bullion” threading. Some are for particular golf clubs, others for golf associations and similar golf communities. This one is from the collection of John Fischer III, who, while he is not an avid badge collector, does have a three or four which hold a […]

simplex golf ball marker
May 26, 2021

This marker once belonged to GHS member John Roth, who passed away several years ago. The vintage metal Simplex marker, c. 1910s, is shown with instructions and in its original box. It’s quite rare to find these items in such good condition. The box may show discoloration and wear but that’s to be expected after so long a time. The […]