Mission and Objectives

Mission Statement

The Golf Heritage Society seeks to promote an appreciation for the history and traditions of golf and to foster friendship among its enthusiasts worldwide, including golfers, writers, historians and collectors of the game’s artifacts and memorabilia.

Founded 1970 as The Golf Collectors Society
By Joseph S.F. Murdoch and Robert Kuntz


In support of its mission, the Society is engaged in a variety of activities:

• Hosting regional and national meetings to facilitate fellowship and collaboration among its members and to create opportunities to share knowledge and to exchange golf artifacts and memorabilia.

• Promoting hickory golf tournaments that offer the opportunity to play golf in a manner consistent with how the “royal and ancient game” was played in its earlier years.

• Publishing information about the game’s history, its leading figures, players, courses, championships, and equipment.

• Engaging youth-based organizations to share the game’s heritage and the values and life lessons it teaches.

• Creating strategic partnerships with other leading organizations that share an interest in promoting a love of the game of golf.

lifetime and annual members

The following are keen supporters of the GHS mission.

Elizabeth Borger
Frank Cantrel Jr.
Michael Conley
Glenn Haueisen
Thomas Irving
Jim Jeselnick
Col. Dick Johns (Ret.)
Eric Lucy
James McCormick
John Rusbosin
James Rutkowski
Edward Rutledge
Philip Truett
Don M. Wilson III

Annual Benefactors
Steven Alger
Joe Arnold
Brad Baird
Walter Bankowski
Stuart Bendelow
Bernard. J. Bernacki
David Buck
Brian Comer
Jack Crosby Jr.
Robert Ferguson
Robert Fletcher
Lawson Glenn
Daniel and Wanda Ickes
Steve Junk
Mike Marquart
Charles Mechem
Kevin Mendik
John Crow Miller
Charles D. Mitchell Jr.
Glenn Moore
Robert S. Muir
Chuck Nettles
George R. Petro
Bill Robertson
Jim Rutkowski
John Santarias
Michael D.  Sloan
Gerald Stratford
Bill Swenson
Wayne C. Tippets
Thomas Wilkins
Michael Winkler
Bruce Zenkel
Victor Zollo Jr.