New youth tournament invites champs from all 50 states

Ari Flaisher is known to many hickory golfers as a solid player from the Philadelphia area. He has hosted and played in several events. These days he has more on his mind than mashies and niblicks. Flaisher has organized a new event titled “We Are The 50,” which plans to invite youth golf champions 15 and younger to compete in […]

Otto Hackbarth

A Random Golf Footnote fromJohn W. Fischer III (Editor’s note: GHS member John Fischer III is an accomplished golf writer whose occasional ‘Random Golf Footnotes’ are sent to an established mail list of golf history enthusiasts. He is a long-time member of the Cincinnati Country Club where Otto Hackbarth was the golf professional for many decades. Mr. Fischer is also […]

Cold medicine

Editor’s note: Though the following was written in January 2017, it seems appropriate to again share at this time as most of us are still shut up at home. MacDuff is an occasional contributor to GHS pages and we thought his take on the promises of bright new golfing technologies worthy of revisiting. Most of us receive or have read […]

Ted Smith’s putters still are classic collectibles

This story appeared in the December 2015 issue of The Bulletin of the Golf Heritage Society. By Pete Ted Smith was born in Philadelphia 1906, the son of immigrant parents who had come to the United States from Hungary and Americanized their name to Smith. His family moved to Chicago and at the age of 12 he requested clubs […]

Ben Hogan – a portrait from 1970

Golf’s “Wee Mon” was an enigma to many, but nowhere more so than on a golf course where he was often portrayed as cold and calculating. This September 1970 story by Nick Seitz for Golf Digest shows another side. The paragraph below is from the introduction to the article which appeared in on March 26, 2020. Click here to […]