New youth tournament invites champs from all 50 states

Ari Flaisher is known to many hickory golfers as a solid player from the Philadelphia area. He has hosted and played in several events. These days he has more on his mind than mashies and niblicks. Flaisher has organized a new event titled “We Are The 50,” which plans to invite youth golf champions 15 and younger to compete in a singular tournament held at the Hammock Beach Golf Resort in Palm Coast, Fla., Sept. 18-20.

Flaisher says he is working with state golf associations and other youth golf associations to identify and invite the top youth golf champs to Hammock Beach to compete in a 36-hole format. It is an exciting concept and we wish him, and the players, all the best.

Click here to read more about Ari and the tournament from a post by Ken Klavon on the Morning Read.

The photo of Hammock Beach is courtesy of the Hammock Beach Resort for the Morning Read golf post.