pinehurst golf shop on the block

Tom Stewart’s Old Sport & Gallery in Pinehurst is for sale. That’s the short news. The rest is in the history and makeup of both the shop and its owner, a combination of historical golf artifacts from books to paintings, golf clubs and curios and the owner whose life has been devoted to their buying and selling. Stewart knows golf. […]

lido to rise again

The once-famous course along the shores on Long Island featured wealthy members and legendary matches. It closed in 1942, after suffering through the Great Depression and as World War II took all of the country’s attention and resources. Mike Keiser, the creator of Bandon Dunes, has plans to resurrect the old course and with it a connection to the long […]

tiger woods rookie card auctions for big $$$

Yikes! Get out the old stacks of golf mags and look for this card. It was actually part of a magazine for junior golfers. We’re already accustomed to seeing big money for baseball cards and such, but, my goodness, the collectible fever is in full gear when it comes to certain cards, players and, as in all else, timing is […]

the burkes and champions golf club

Accomplished golf professionals, Jack Burke Jr. and his wife, Robin, have played at the pinnacle of the game. Now their Champions Golf Club – they are the owners – is hosting the 75th U.S. Women’s Open championship. Morning Read writer Art Stricklin posted a story about the two, their golfing achievements and their pleasure in hosting this distinguished USGA event. […]

ping putter precedent

Golf collector and historian/journalist John Fischer III writes:“GCS co-founder Bob Kuntz frequently said there’s nothing new in golf, and would demonstrate his point with clubs, balls, shafts and other items that reappeared in more recent times as ‘new.’ A little while ago I discovered a putter that has heel and toe weighting suspiciously similar to a Ping putter. The head […]