One-year Wonders on the PGA Tour

We can all name the great players who are continually atop leaderboards and have enjoyed success for several years, but can you name the one-year wonders? These are the players who had a spate of phenomenal of success then faded from sight. Shane Ryan and Mark Broadie of Golf Digest were asked this question by their editor. Click here to […]

Bill Coore on Bandon’s Sheep Ranch

Out near Bandon Dunes is a classy little course in the shadow of very big and brawny that is gaining some attention. It’s been a couple decades since Bandon Dunes, Bandon Trails, and Pacific Dunes came on the scene and gained their very deserved reputation as a world-class dramatic and challenging series of links golf holes. Owner Mike Kaiser did […]

Cheating on tour?

No way. That’s our first response to this question. No way these guys would cheat. How could they? Why? Well, apparently some bend the rules here and there. I’ve seen it once or twice, the TV is a brutal enforcer, but not often. In its series of the best of its early golf columns and reporting, Golf Digest recently ran […]

the ghs is collecting and history –

The GHS loves golf collecting and exploring the game’s history, players, courses, championships and equipment. Check out the categories below and have fun exploring this website. Feel free to contact us with any questions, and, hey, a membership is only $75 a year ($45 if you prefer a digital membership only.) GHS Interest Groups Golf Collecting – An introduction ArtBallsBooksClassic […]

Getting ready for golf again on the PGA Tour

Like a beginner on the range, the PGA Tour is figuring out how to get into the game. Slowly, little steps, and without anybody looking… in person, that is, no fans are to attend the first four events, beginning with the Charles Schwab Challenge at Colonial on June 11. Golf Digest writer Joel Beall suggests a few story lines that […]