ghs premium classifieds

Premium Classified Ads are limited to GHS members. The format is a maximum of two photos with a maximum 100-word text description. Your name, email and/or phone are not included in the 100-word count.  The cost is $25 for 30 days. Once your item sells, please notify Jim Davis at, so the ad may be removed. Ad copy and photo to be submitted to Jim Davis at the above email address. Mail a check made out to the Golf Heritage Society to: 521 Greenfield Ave., Pittsburgh, PA 15207. Or, to pay by credit card, you may call the GHS office at 1-281-404-4643.

Mike Schaefer of Indianapolis, a golfer and collector for 50 years, wants to pass around his collection. It includes many topics in its 46 pages such as Anthology, Architecture, Fiction, History, Photography, and over 100 club histories. Many of the books are limited editions or signed like those in the picture on the cover of the catalog.  Email him at for a digital copy. Print copies will be available for $10, but not as quickly as digital.  The sale opens on Aug. 1 and will be available at the GHS National Convention in Indianapolis in September.

Official license plate of the 2022 Curtis Cup Matches played at Merion Golf Club.  One given to each player and Captain. Limited overrun! $25 includes shipping. Proceeds to Merion Golf Club Archives. Contact John Capers III (#0003) at