Collecting golf balls

Golf balls are a fascinating subject and one of the most popular collectibles given their rich and varied past. Below you will find links to stories/features on the ball, an introduction to golf ball collecting, and a personal account from collector Rae Ecklund. A short history of golf ball dimples and patterns. Ball Collecting Categories High-end collectibles Featheries pre-1848 Before […]

Collecting Hickory Golf Clubs

This article focuses on the category of wood-shafted, or hickory golf clubs. Millions of clubs with wood shafts were made before 1935. In today’s rapidly growing sports collectibles market, no wood-shafted club is worthless, but only a small percentage of old clubs do have significant value. The category of steel-shafted, or “classic clubs” is covered elsewhere. The information presented here […]

Collecting Tournament Memorabilia

There are two reasons to collect memorabilia from a tournament – either you attended a specific event or you are focusing on a tournament. Attending a tournament provides many possibilities for a dedicated collector. There is the practical approach of the visit itself which could include purchase of a hat (possibly a Sharpie if you intend to collect autographs), a […]

A Primer on Collecting Golf Art

By John Fischer III The purpose of this article is not to tell the reader what golf art to purchase or how to rate golf art.  It is, rather, to let the reader know the more technical aspects of what he is looking at. The article is also limited to paintings and prints, art which can be hung on the wall, and […]

Collecting Golf Balls

This is one of the most basic of golf collecting categories along with golf clubs, autographs, and books. Balls are integral to the game, after all, and have a long history from the first wooden balls known from the Netherlands to the latest game improvement wonders from modern manufacturers. You name it and golf ball makers have tried it in […]