golf stamp collecting

The following article on golf philately by Patricia Loehr was published in the Winter 2020 edition of The Golf, the quarterly journal of the Golf Heritage Society. Coins and stamps are often the gateway categories into collecting for young people who branch out from there as their interests begin to crystalize around preferred themes and topics. Baseball cards, for example, […]

top five collectibles? what do you think?

Links Magazine contributor Erik Matuszewski recently posted an article headlined by a logo golf ball collector in Poland. If he had checked with the GHS, he might have found some collectors right here in the States that would easily rival his Polish collector. Not that they are competing, mind you. Still, it’s fun to see golf collecting get the attention […]

collecting golf medals and trophies

By George PetroIntrigued by golf’s rich history?  Then you won’t regret getting hooked on collecting its medals and trophies.  Many are objects of compelling design, beauty and value. Most are also tangible representations of events and human struggles with which a collector, item in hand, can deeply identify and explore. So, charge in as a beginning explorer and emerge an […]

pga’s no-dimple experiment harkens to golf ball’s distant past

In late June the white-coats in Titleist’s R&D labs thought to produce, for whatever reason, a dimple-less golf ball and ask tour pros to hit the thing. What would it do? How would the pros react? Most GHS guys, and the hickory golf guys, too, know exactly what would happen. And, as the video below shows, it did. The professional […]

Collecting Classic Golf Clubs

Classics Are Back By Bob Georgiade Collecting items related to the game of golf has existed as long as there has been an interest in playing the game. Collectors have always identified closely with the implements of the game, clubs, as they are the most readily available and the easiest to procure artifacts to collect. Before the introduction and general […]