tee mold with wings

Tee molds are not new, but at least one inventor thought he, or she, would add a couple of wings for helpful fingers to provide some upward pressure whilst the thumb provided the downward force to place the sand. Apparently, this is not a common mold, at least in the experience of Canadian collector David Burgess who wrote (from a few years back):

“About 10 years ago a fellow called to ask me about a tee mold he had. He described it, but nothing rang a bell. I invited him to drop by some time and he showed up about a week later with something I had never seen – a silver plate over brass plunger-style mold with “wings.” I consulted my reference sources, which includes a book written by an expert on tees and tee molds, but nobody had ever seen this. The only marking was ‘PAT PENDG’.  Naturally, I offered to buy the mold, but was told a large sum had been offered by a major U.S. collector (who would buy the item ‘as soon as he came up with the money’.  Despite me telling him I ‘had the money’ NOW, he said he’d let me know if this phantom buyer did not come through. Long story short, several weeks later I called him and was able to buy the mold. To this day I have never seen another.”