putters – what’s in that name?

In the Spring 2023 edition of The Golf, GHS member Bob Gettis wrote about his fascination with putter names that suggest the blade is endowed with supreme powers of sinking putts. Over the years, marketing departments have come up with some beauties, such as Anser – Ping; Bulls Eye – Acushnet; Cash-In – Spalding; Dead Center – Titleist; ITSIN – Tad Moore; Amazing Grace – Bobby Grace, and the Invincible (a line of clubs) – Hillerich & Bradsby.

Invincible by H&B

Says Gettis, “It has been reported that among club collectors putters are of the most interest. Is it because putting is considered 50% of the game, or because there is a vast variety of styles, or because putting is the most challenging part of golf?”

Gettis says he has more putters than any other type of club. We always try clubs before we buy them, or should, he says; but, he wonders, does the name of the putter bear any part in the decision to purchase? His personal favorite name is Tad Moore’s ITSIN.

MacGregor Down-It

Check the latest edition of The Golf, which has a list of putter names from the hickory era. These include MacGregor’s Down-It and Sink-Em, as well as such names ad Tru-Line, Tru-Putt, True Sight, Trusty, and Black Magic, all by a variety of makers.

so, here’s our challenge to you…

Can you come up with a better title, a new name for a putter that is all but infallible when it comes to sinking putts? One that Scotty Cameron himself might knock on your door to acquire? A name that relegates all others to second-class citizenship?

We have a team of experts standing by to select from the mass of expected entries. If your putter name is selected, then… well, we don’t know exactly what, but it will be cool.

Entries must be an original name, never used in any other context or in any other way by a clubmaker. Please include a few BRIEF words as to why you chose this putter name and why it is the only one worth considering.

We have already submitted our own suggested names and they are pretty darn good. In fact, they are in first place until we see better ones.

Deadline to submit a putter name is May 8, no later. The winner and close seconds will be shared in the summer edition of The Golf. By the way, if two identical names are submitted, the one received first will receive consideration.

Send your putter name to: editorthegolf@gmail.com. No more than two names per person, please.