NY state considers raising taxes on golf courses

Really? As if golf doesn’t have enough problems, lawmakers in New York state are floating the idea of raising real estate taxes on golf courses by assigning them to a category of land with potential for development.

Click here to see the story on NBR, the website of the Nightly Business Report produced by CNBC.

Many courses are already looking for room – extra land – to lengthen tee boxes in order to contend with equipment that sends balls flying 320 yards on the drive. Might we, ahem, politely suggest hickory golf as an alternative?

As for suggested new higher land taxes on golf courses in New York, the idea seems no more than an attempt by stressed lawmakers to manufacture money. Should that concept take hold, green fees would likely go through the roof. Public golf, as we know it, might become an endangered species should the worst case come to pass.

Stay tuned.

(And thanks to Curt Fredrixon for sharing the story.)