Jeff Ellis featured on the Morning Read

Jeff Ellis

Noted GHS member, author, collector, and now auctioneer Jeff Ellis was recently featured on The Morning Read. A great read to see what Jeff is up to. The Morning Read, by the way, is a great way to start the day with fresh news topics on matters of golf. It doesn’t hurt that Alex Miceli, who wrote the article on Ellis, describes himself as a “budding golf collector.” Miceli is the founder of the Morning Read website, and, we might add, is a GHS member, too.

Here’s one of Jeff’s quotes from the article:
“It’s a good time to get into golf collecting, with the prices down considerably from the past.  “It’s kind of like the Great Recession of 2009 just took the wind out of every financial sale,” Ellis said. “Everything dropped – collectibles, real estate, stocks. Here we are 10 years later and art is way back up, [stock] market’s way back up, but the golf collectibles are still down. It’s still very accessible, so if somebody’s wanting to collect, the time is still really good to get this stuff. It’s a great time to collect.”

Click here to see the entire Jeff Ellis article and maybe make Morning Read part of your morning.