A little help for a Swedish project…

Pehr Thermaneius of Sweden writes to ask help from GHS members who might be able to provide information on Sandvik golf shafts. Here’s Pehr’s letter:

I write to ask for assistance with a story about Swedish steel shafts. These shafts were manufactured by a steel company in the Swedish town of Sandviken. The company’s name is now Sandvik and its former name was Sandvikens Jernverk.
Some years ago we heard about Sandvik making steel shafts and also steel clubheads, but we were unable to pursue the story. Now we have a new lead. It appeared in this year’s edition of our yearbook, in a story about Ben Hogan, written by the professional Gunnar Mueller. He wrote about how he studied everything Hogan and then wrote a series of articles about Hogan in the 
Svensk Golf magazine. This seemed to help sales of Hogan clubs and Hogan’s Swedish agent offered to try to arrange for Gunnar Mueller  to come and meet Ben Hogan. After a long wait the meeting took place in 1988.
During Gunnar’s conversation with Ben Hogan he mentioned that he had handled Swedish steel shafts, marked Sandvik or perhaps Sandviken, when he assembled clubs as an assistant to professional Ted Longworth. This was in 1929 and a few years after that. Gunnar thinks that these shafts came to the U.S. via Scotland.
Is there anyone out there who can give us information about the Sandvik shafts or advice where to look for information? 
Thanks for any help, no detail is too small.

Pehr Thermaenius
Email: pehr.thermaenius@gmail.com
Telephone: +46 8 758 7112, +46 70 310 5861 (mobile)
Address: Allmogevägen 31, S-187 30
Täby, Sweden

If anyone out there can help Pehr with a bit of information, please do so. And let us know how it goes.