Major Golf Collecting Categories

Over the years, the GHS has identified several categories of collecting interest. Some members have created an introduction to a category they particularly favor. These are linked below. Several are yet to be done and members or experts in these categories are warmly invited to contribute with basic information about that particular niche.  If you have specific questions, email the author, or GHS Executive Director Pete Georgiady, at

We will add introductions to the various categories as soon as they are received.

The most active general categories are:
Art, Architecture, Books, Balls, Clubs, Club Histories, Cigarette Card, Ceramics & Glass, Fancy Face Woods, Flags (autographed or otherwise), Framed memorabilia/photographs, Games & Toys, General Golf History, Medals, Magazines, Masters/Major Tournaments, Postcards, Putters, Tournament Memorabilia, Scorecards, Silver, Statuary, Tees, Trophies, and Wedges

Classic clubs
Golf Tournament Memorabilia (programs, tickets, etc.)
Hickory Clubs
Medals / Trophies
Golf Philately – Stamp Collecting