Collecting Classic Clubs

With Bobby Grace

In the summer of 2023, putter maker and classic club expert Bobby Grace began a series of columns for The Golf, designed to shine a light on the rewarding pastime of classic club collecting. These are golf clubs with steel shafts that date, roughly, from the 1950s through the 1980s. Hard to pinpoint an exact time frame for these clubs. Bobby’s expertise is an invaluable guide, his passion for the hobby infectious. We’ll add each new column here as he explorations into this rich field of golf history.

Putter maker Bobby Grace. He is the owner of Bobby Grace Putters in Highlands, N.C.

Click on the links below to view the columns. Each link has a brief description of that particular column.

Summer 2023 – An introduction to classic club collecting.
Autumn 2023 – Palmer’s 8802, the George Low “Wizard,” and Bobby’s ‘Hot List’ of classic clubs.
Winter 2023 – Zebra Putters, a classic created by Dave Taylor and popularized by Gene Littler.
Spring 2024 – MacGregor Custom Depart ‘OS’ Special Clubs