Wish you were here…

Postcards from Royal Liverpool

Good, you clicked to the see the cards. I’ve set up a few from my collection that you might enjoy.

The first two are from the early 1900s and depict the galleries at unknown events, but from the style and coloring appear to be from the same event. Neither are postmarked, and both have divided backs, indicating they are from 1902 or later (prior to 1902 in Great Britain the image and message were on the front of the card and the addressee was on the back). There is a note on the back of the card, “British Manufacture Throughout,” indicating that the card may have been printed during World War I. Prior to the war, the best postcards were printed in Germany which had the finest lithography techniques, and the notation may have been to assure the buyer that the card hadn’t been printed by the “enemy.”

The third card is of play on the Hoylake course, again unposted, but from the clothing it appears to be post-World War II. It is harder to find golf-themed postcards of golf courses which are difficult to photograph to look unique. Clubhouses are the most photographed images for golf themed postcards. They’re easier to photograph and easy to identify.

The first clubhouse postcard is pre-1902; note the space for a message at the bottom of the card.

The next is a Valentine postcard and is a “real photo” card.

The last of the clubhouse cards is from the early 1950s.

The last card is a color postcard from 2023 done from a painting by Bill Holkham. So, “Wish you were here,” or, better yet, “I wish I was there during Open Week 2023.”