The King, by Larry Selman

Larry Selman is usually connected with his favorite subject of military men and women and even some Western work, but in 2010, he was inspired to create a work honoring Arnold Palmer. The painting was signed by Palmer in 2010 during an event at Latrobe Country Club. It is now part of Frank Cantrel’s collection.

Selman is best known for his military and historical artwork, but he has done a few golf landscapes that appear under the “Landscapes” tab on his website – . Check out Augusta #12 and Lahinch #6.   

Selman is a Pennsylvania artist who was raised in a military family. After graduating from the York Academy of Art in 1982, he built a successful, award-winning career in illustration with top art directors and publishers in New York and around the United States. Remember GI Joe? Selman’s work is found on the majority of the packaging for GI Joe’s Classic Collection. His works on military subjects from the highly decorated veterans to new recruits can be found at military bases and museums throughout the U.S.   

Be sure to click on “Biography” to learn more about him, plus “Painting Process,” which describes his dedication to historical accuracy.