the ghs ambassador program

The GHS Ambassador Program has been created to identify GHS members in each region who will assist their Regional Director to (1) recruit new members, (2) enhance membership value by helping organize local and regional activities, and (3) obtain financial support for the Society.

The Program will also assist in leadership development and succession planning for the GHS by identifying enthusiastic and effective members who would be excellent candidates to serve on the Board of Directors.

Each Ambassador will assist their Regional Director with the following specific activities:

  • Grow membership — The GHS is a nonprofit membership organization. Recruiting new members is, therefore, essential to sustain the Society and to maximize the enjoyment of membership’s benefits. Since its founding, Society members have felt strongly that the greatest benefit of membership is the fellowship and collaboration they enjoy with other GHS members. Ambassadors can invite family and friends to join. They can attend state and local golf association events, local business meetings (e.g., Rotary) or appropriate charity functions and spread the word about the GHS.   
  • Organize local and regional events — Given that camaraderie among members is viewed as the greatest benefit of GHS membership, it is imperative that we create opportunities for get-togethers. These are wonderful opportunities to share knowledge about golf history and to exchange golf artifacts and memorabilia. Ambassadors can help organize GHS events in their city, state or region to bring members together and provide an opportunity for guests to gain an appreciation for the benefits of Society membership. One example: planning a breakfast or lunch at a historic golf club in your region, complete with a tour of historic artifacts in the clubhouse.
  • Identify Benefactors, sponsors and advertisers – Dependence on dues alone limits the Society’s ability to fulfill its mission for members and others interested in the history of golf. Developing additional revenue streams is vitally important.  Ambassadors can help encourage GHS members to support the Society at a Benefactor level.  They can also help identify business leaders who may be willing to support our mission as a sponsor or an advertiser. Sponsors my underwrite regional or national events such as out National Convention. Advertisers can establish a presence in The Golf or on the GHS website.
  • Identify content contributors – Our quarterly journal, The Golf, is highly valued by members. Ambassadors can help identify GHS members who can offer entertaining and informative content for that periodical as well as for our website and e-newsletters. For example, Ambassadors may know another member with a compelling collection or unique artifact that they’d be willing to write about. 
  • Promote participation in the National Convention – Our 52nd annual meeting will be in Lexington, Ky., on Oct. 11-15, 2023.  Ambassadors can help encourage GHS members living in their area to participate in the National Convention.  In addition to the golf tournament and awards banquet, attendees will enjoy an auction of golf memorabilia, several highly informative educational sessions and of course, the annual trade show.

Ambassador’s Toolkit
Several tools are available to help each Ambassador in the fulfillment of their responsibilities, including: 

  • Talking points for making others aware of the GHS and promoting membership.
  • A trifold brochure explaining the benefits of GHS membership with testimonials from prominent figures in the world of golf.
  • Sponsorship and advertising materials, including notable media coverage of the GHS, sponsorship opportunities and advertising rate schedules.

Brochures, sponsorship and advertising materials can be furnished by contacting GHS Ambassador and Executive Representative John Rusbosin at Other member tools are listed on the GHS Members page of this website.