rives mcbee featured in global golf post article

Rives McBee from a golf trade show. Photo by John Fischer III.

GHS member Rives McBee has seen the many faces of golf from its highest competitive levels to its country club methods and manners, and even hickory golf tournaments. Throughout it all he has remained a consummate gentleman, generous with his time and ever patient with golfers of all levels. Golf writer Patrick Hand has recently posted a handsome profile of McBee, for Global Golf Post. It is a detailed sketch which notes McBee’s many golf achievements, his golf collection, as well as his associations with the GHS, the Society of Hickory Golfers, and the Hickory Golf Association. It’s a welcome profile and well worth a read. McBee is a familiar presence at golf trade shows, Texas hickory golf outings, and it’s great to see him getting a little bit of the spotlight.

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