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While there are many thousands of books that, rightfully, could be listed here, space precludes that option. Presented here is a general selection designed to benefit both the beginner and advanced golf collector as well as those interested in golf history. Please let us know of titles you would like to add and check back often as we will regularly refresh and update the list. Many of these volumes are available through such sites as Amazon, or search the book’s title on the internet for other purchase information.

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Golf Collecting and Reference

Antique Golf Collectibles
By Chuck Furjanic

Antique Golf Clubs, Their Restoration and Preservation
By Bob Kuntz

Antique Golf Ball Reference & Price Guide
By Leo M. Kelly Jr.

Collecting Antique Golf Clubs
By Peter Georgiady

Collectible Golf Balls Directory, Folio I and II
By Kevin McGimpsey

Decorative Golf Collectibles
By Shirley and Sprung

The Fascinating World of Golf
By Gary Wiren

The Game of Golf and the Printed Word
By Richard E. Donovan and Rand Jerris

The Story of the Golf Ball
By Kevin McGimpsey

Golf Car Classics – 1949-1969
By Ron Lyons

The Golfer’s Library
By Daniel Wexler

Gilchrist’s Guide to Golf Collectibles
By Roger Gilchrist

Great Golf Collections of the World
Bt Richard McDonough and Peter Georgiady

Miller’s Golf Memorabilia
By Sarah Fabian-Baddiel

Quick Reference Guide to Golf Club Names
By Pete Georgiady and Leo M. Kelly Jr.

Wood Shafted Golf Club Value Guide, 8th Edition
By Peter Georgiady

Golf History

The Architects of Golf
By Geoffrey Cornish and Ronald Whitten

A Hoylake Celebration
By Blyth Bell and Roger Greenway
Design by Chic Harper

Chui Wan – An Ancient Chinese Golf-Like Game
By Anthony Butler, David Hamilton, and John Moffett

The Clubmaker’s Art
By Jeffery Ellis

Doctors of the Game – A History of the Golf Profession
By Dr. Billy Detlaff

Forgotten Greens – The Abandoned Golf Courses of Scotland
By Harry Ward

Gentry Links – The Great Men of ‘The Golfers’
By Alastair Loudon

Golf in the Making
By Ian Henderson and David Stirk

Golf Links – Chay Burgess, Francis Ouimet and the Bringing of Golf to America
By Charles D. burgess

Golf Through the Ages – 600 Years of Golfing Art
By Michael Flannery and Richard Leech

The Great English Golf Boom
By Michael Morrison

St Andrews – In the Footsteps of Old Tom Morris
By Roger McStravick

Stableford – A Life in Golf, Medicine, and War
By Robert Edwards

Golf Literature

The Joyous Spirit of the Game
A Collection of Essays by Bernard Darwin

Edited by Dick Verinder