Rare medals at the GHS 2019 Trade Show

GHS Region 1 director George Petro is one of the most knowledgeable men in golf collecting when it comes to historic medals. His collection numbers many of the most rare and valuable of these, often appearing in club history books whose authors seek him out for items to enrich and complement their text.

Mr. Petro was at the 2019 GHS Trade Show in Cleveland, Ohio, with a display of but a portion of this collection and in the accompanying video he kindly spared a few moments to describe several of them. The video, with its ambient noise, has the flavor of an “antique road show” presentation. We hope to share more such videos both here and on the Resources page as more collectors share stories about their items (Also see Dr. Gary Wiren’s Instagram page for short pieces on many rare golf clubs.)

Click here to see the video of George Petro and his display of golf medals.