Queen of golf shattered racist, sexist barriers


June 15, 2020 – With all that is going on right now, golf can seem a trivial thing. But it is the sport we cherish and its history is our passion. Not all of that history was spotless, however. As the world struggles to cast a light on systemic racism, golf, too, must own up to a less-than-stellar past in this regard. For many years, black golfers were unwelcome, to put it mildly. In the spirit of moving forward, we’d like to offer a series of profiles that celebrate the lives of black golfers who accomplished so much despite heartbreaking opposition.

We start with Ann Moore Gregory, whose life in golf was filled with extraordinary accomplishments. For a time, it seemed no one could beat her. Writer Natasha Frost wrote about Gregory for a profile that was published in 2017 on AtlasObscura.com. Her story is a great place to begin. Click here to read about one of golf’s great players.

Ann Moore Gregory died in 1990 after winning some 300 sanctioned golf tournaments.