Plastic tees banned from British course

Comes a story from Great Britain on the banning of plastic tees. Whether you like them or hate them, plastic tees have been the subject of some controversy. Course managers and environmentalists dislike them; the former because they can damage equipment, the latter because the things will not degrade, instead littering the ground for goodness knows how many years. Even if properly disposed of, plastic trash, as we know, has a way of hanging around, often finding its way to the bottoms of seas and oceans.

Click here to read a story from (Nov. 29) about the banning of plastic tees from Royal North Devon, also referred to as Westward Ho! for the village in which it sets.

Whatever happened to those tees made from compressed corn starch? How about making them from grass clippings or old scorecards? Must be some way to work with these little buggers to make them earth friendly. Of course, we could always make them out of wood.

If you use plastic tees, honor the game by picking them up and not letting them get lost on the ground.