Missing the Masters? Here’s a top-50 Masters list for your consideration

Golf writers and magazines are looking for ways to fill the loss of tee times in our lives with interesting features on golf history. Yes, that’s right – history. Without current events to feed the golf bug, almost everyone is doing what GHS’ers love to do – explore the game’s rich past as a way of enhancing their enjoyment of the present day game. Editors at Golf Digest asked several top golf-watchers to weigh in on the top 50 Masters moments, or, as they call it, “50 Defining Moments in Masters History.” Contributors to the article posted to Golfworld on golfdgest.com include: Ryan Herrington, E. Michael Johnson, Alex Myers, Mike O’Malley, Christopher Powers, Daniel Rapaport, Dave Shedloski, and Sam Weinman. (The article counts down to No. 11, promising that the last 10 will be published shortly. Click here to see the article and enjoy.