he played at the masters, he played with babe ruth– now that’s a double-header

Few are those who can say they played on the NY Yankees with the great Babe Ruth, or roomed and palled around with the Bambino. Fewer still are those who followed suit with golfing talent and playing appearances at the Masters. In fact, maybe just one man – Sammy Byrd. His is a story not often told, and for that, we must look to golf’s historian extraordinare, Mr. John Fischer, who posted an account of Byrd, the Babe, the Masters and more, to the Morning Read website, where he is an official contributor. (Thankfully, we can count him as a member and contributor to the GHS, too!) (Lead photo is copyright of the PGA of America.)

Click here to see John’s story about Sammy Byrd on the Morning Read website.