Golf balls fly too far!

Oh no! Who could have foretold this eventuality?

Golfers as far back as Harry Vardon, and probably Allan Robertson when he saw Old Tom using a gutty, have been complaining that juiced balls are affecting the game. Jack Nicklaus once suggested dialing back the ball. So did Tiger Woods, for that matter. Let’s face it, balls that fly too far make small potatoes of classic courses that once valued shotmaking over distance.

Tis a long and much discussed matter. The video linked here does not pretend to resolve the issue. It was produced by Vox and exists on its Facebook page. It’s a concise five-minute tour of how the ball came to go so far. It’s not hard to guess the famous name at the core of the matter, so to speak.

Click here to watch the video.

(Of course, hickory golfers have an answer for that “too far” business. Get back to the wooden game and enjoy the sport again!)