ghs zoom presentations

Stories told by the legends who lived them, presentations on remarkable golf collections, insights into golf history, art and more are the legacy of the GHS Grand Zoom Series. There is a fascinating scope of topics, each one a delight in so many ways. Enjoy the series and stay tuned for additional presentations.

Dr. Bob Jones IV

Dr. Bob Jones IV – An exclusive interview with the grandson of the legendary golfer.

Every U.S. Open Venue – GHS member Barry Hackett shares his journey to play every U.S. Open venue. It’s quite an adventure!
Masters Collections – George Petro, Eric Lucy, and Craig Blair share extraordinary items from their collections of Masters memorabilia.
LPGA agronomist John Miller shares stories from his experience as well as unusual tools of the trade.
Author Beverly Bell talks about her book, The Murder of Marion Miley.
Golf collectors on golf collecting. GHS members talk about their collections and the enjoyment of the hobby.
Roger McStravick, award-winning author, on the Open championship.
Linda Hartough, golf painter extraordinaire
Fireside Chat from GHS visit to Latrobe CC, Sept. 30, 2021.
Charles Mechem, author of Arnie and Jack
Mel Lucas and the history of greenkeeping
John Rusbosin Tribute to Arnold Palmer
Ron Lucas, stories about Arnold Palmer, his own days as golf pro at Latrobe CC, and lots more.
George Petro on his collection of medals trophies, balls, books, and more.
Shirley Spork, LPGA co-founder, author and teacher
Stephen Proctor, author of Monarch of the Green.
Bobby Grace, putter expert and golf collector.
Chris Rodell, author of Arnold Palmer, Homespun Stories of The King.
Pete Georgiady, author and antique club expert, on golf collecting.
Keith Campbell, collector of Arnold Palmer memorabilia.
Kevin Cook, author of Tommy’s Honour and many other books.
Dr. Mike Hurdzan on Erin Hills – Dr. Hurdzan talks about the creation of the Erin Hills Golf Course.
The golf collection of Mike Beckerich. – Beckerich is the owner of The Classics of Golf, which reprints classic golf books of the past as well as new titles, such as The Life and Times of Donald Ross (2016, by Chris Buie).