forgotten greens – the abandoned golf courses of scotland

By Harry Ward
The Partick Press, St Andrews, 2019
231 pages, 8.5-by-1, softcover, high-gloss laminated cover
$33 from Amazon, plus shipping

Reviewed by Jim Davis (The Golf, Summer 2019)

In its long history, golf has visited nearly every corner of the world, but only in its ancient home, Scotland, might even the most modest of villages have had a course to proudly call its own. Times and fortunes change, however, and many courses that once saw players spend happy hours over them have been lost.  

Their fates have not escaped the attention of Harry Ward who has spent some years and countless hours of research documenting these now lost green swards of public and private golfing lands.

Forgotten Greens is a tale of time, of changing human fortunes, and the economic and societal pressures, not to mention two World Wars, that forced the abandonment of hundreds of courses throughout Scotland.

Ward documents, through newspaper archives, historical books and articles, the creation and passing of more than 500 courses. Ordnance maps and historical photos, many in full color, supplement the poignant stories of courses come and gone.

Ward’s book is a valuable record of the lost courses and a keen reminder to enjoy what is.