The Golf, Spring 2019 – Extra Holes

Some classic golf mistakes…
Yes, there have been a few, more than we report here… many, many more. But the one’s below, in most cases, led to some very annoying outcomes.

• Tiger Woods drop at the 2013 Masters. Rare loss of focus from this master of concentration.
• Dustin Johnson’s shot from a waste bunker at the 2010 PGA. Ouch. Cost him the title.
• Bobby Jones calling a penalty on a ball he said moved in the 1925 U.S. Open. He was Bobby Jones. Of course he called the penalty. May as well praise a man for not robbing a bank, he said, or close to it.
• Ian Woosnam, 2001 Open Championship, too many clubs in the bag. Two-stroke penalty.
• Mark Roe, who in the 2003 Open DQed for not exchanging scorecards with playing partner Jesper Parneivik, who said it was the dumbest rule he ever heard of.
• In the 1940 U.S. Open Ed “Porky” Oliver finished tied with Gene Sarazen and Lawson Little, but was DQed because his threesome had teed off a half-hour earlier than their designated tee time – a violation of the rules. They were trying to get ahead of an impending rainstorm. Really? Hardly slow play.
• In the 1991 Doral Ryder Open Paul Azinger was zapped by a TV viewer (we have other names for these people now) who saw him nudge a rock while taking his stance at the edge of a water hazard. The rules say two strokes. But he signed his scorecard without noting the penalty. Sorry Paul. Rules. DQ.
• At the 2007 Honda Classic Mark Wilson’s caddie told a playing partner the loft of a club that Wilson had just used. Sorry. Rules. No person other than his caddy is allowed to give a player advice. Two strokes. Wilson won anyway. Good for him!
• At the 1987 Andy Williams Open at Torrey Pines Craig Stadler put a towel on the wet ground to kneel on while playing a shot from under a tree. That kind of shenanigan doesn’t get by the TV Rules Nazis. Someone called in. Stadler had built a stance, or improved his stance or some such. Rules. Two strokes, but Stadler signed his card and got the DQ. He should have thrown in the towel.
• The ladies, too, are not immune. At the 2008 State Farm Classic Michelle Wie was solidly in contention but forgot to sign her second round scorecard. RULES!!! A DQ for Michelle who must have begun to question the existence of Santa Claus.
• In the 1998 NEC World Series of Golf Lee Janzen watched his ball hang on the lip of a cup for 19 seconds before it fell in. He signed for his 3, but was later DQed. RULES!!! He had just 10 seconds before he had to either mark his ball or tap it in. Sheesh.

If you know of some other classic rules violations – gowfin’ mistakes – that led to a bitter outcome or, better yet, a good one, let us know. Send them to

The Willie Davis/Willie Dunn matter of who was the first to get some holes built at Shinnecock Hills.
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Bobby Jones classic putting technique
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Renee Powell
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