ball markers mark the golfer, too

This photo by Jason Scott Deegan for shows his ball markers.

Golf writer Jason Scott Deegan has posted a good read on about the ball marker and how it can reveal a little something about the golfer’s personality. It’s a good story and worth your clicking over to the GolfAdvisor site to read. I mean, most of use these things, some of us going for the hefty and gaudy markers and others perhaps nothing more serious than a simple dime. But, in serious competitions, you need to mark with something, so, what do you choose? What markers have been clinking around in your golf bag’s pouch? They do seem to accumulate in there. Personally, I like the kind that is a little bit larger with a smaller, magnetic, coin that can be removed when you are near another golfer’s line. Markers are just good fun and can be a nice, inexpensive memento of a visit to special course.

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